Foothills Dental Group Policy


- Scheduled Appointments

• At Foothills Dental Group, our hygienists book or tentatively book our patients’ next check-up and cleaning appointment. The booked appointment will hold a spot in our schedule for the patient’s next visit and will be a reminder of when exactly the patient is due for her/his next hygiene and recall appointments. 

• The dental clinic notifies the patients of their appointments two weeks prior to the appointment date‚ giving our patients the flexibility to choose another date if the booked time does not suit them. A second reminder will be within two business days of the appointment just to remind our patients of their appointment. 

• If a patient needs to reschedule or cancel an appointment‚ we request at least two business days notice to give opportunity for other patients who are in need of this appointment and to avoid a missed appointment fee . 

• Emergency patients can be booked on the same day if schedule permits; however‚ there is no guarantee that our dentists can finish the treatment on the same day nor we can guarantee the waiting time. We will try everything in our power to see the emergency patients as soon as time permits. 

• Last minute cancellations are subject to $50 for each treatment hour missed.  

• The clinic holds the right to refuse any future treatment if a patient missed two consecutive appointments.

Payment Options


- Payment Options for Dental Treatment at Foothills Dental Group

At Foothills Dental Group, our dentists and hygienists are committed to informing you of your dental health needs as well as optimum treatment plans.   Your insurance is a helpful supplement to the cost of your dental needs, but it should not dictate your dental treatment decisions or plans. At Foothills Dental Group, it is our obligation to educate you and inform you of your dental needs, and It is always your decision as to how we proceed with treatment.      

Our administration team will help you in this process by submitting your insurance papers for you electronically. Payment for our services is due on the appointment day. You should receive your reimbursement from your insurance company back within 2-5 days. Register with your insurance provider for direct deposit and receive your refund the next day.      

Our administration team will try to help you understand your insurance plan if you bring in your employee booklet for us to peruse. However, insurance companies are making it difficult for the dental providers to retrieve any extended information. It is important for you to have an understanding of what your coverage is and it is ultimately the responsibility of the patients to know what their individual plans allow. We do pre-determinations only upon patient's request, as a courtesy not as an obligation on our part.      

Any major work like crowns, bridges, etc. can be pre-determined by our administrative team, and an estimate can be provided as to a possible financial return.     

Contact us today with questions, or if you would like to book an appointment.

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- Code of Conduct

At Foothills Dental Group we do our best to provide the highest level of service to achieve our patients’ satisfaction; however, our clinic has zero tolerance to the following: 

• Disrespectful comments, harassment or abuse (verbal or physical) towards any of our patients or staff members. 

• Any sarcastic or discouraging comments. 

• Any discourteous behaviour. 

• Any discrimination or racism against our patients or staff members will result in immediate cancellation of all/any future appointments. 

• Any inappropriate language as this is a family practice and inappropriate language can bother our staff ‚ patients ‚ and their families.